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Publishing options

To this date, publishing has been pretty straightforward. A designer brings a game to a publisher and pitches them the idea, and if they like it then the designer gets paid a percentage of every sale for "x" amount of time (to put it short.)

With Play Again Games, we understand the "what-ifs" and want to bring designers options for publishing their games. What if you already have the art, or what if you want to have more stake in the game?

That's what we're here for at Play Again Games. We want to give our designers the option to earn more in such a small-margin industry. 

Below are some options that we've created to make this a reality. 

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Designer Publishing.png

The rates above are averages we offer designers. All rates are subject to change, and are case by case. 

We encourage all game designers to submit their game for our standard publishing service to get it created!

*ALL Publication deals are subject to release within 16 months of the signed game. Many factors can influence the creation and completion of a game. All Games will go through a Kickstarter round before the following steps are taken on the game. (IF) The game is not funded during the Kickstarter; a private seed round will take place to support the game for Standard & Designer Invetmnet options. For all options, (IF) The game does not get published, then all rights are relinquished back to the designer after 16 months of the signed date.

Submit your design using this form and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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By Signing below you understand that you're submitting an Origional design or original works that does not infringe on any intellectual property. Your design is not publicly available through any retail, secondary, or print-on-demand market and not be currently under consideration for publication by other publishers.

Thanks for submitting!

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