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Getting Started 

with wayland entertianment and WE LOFI

The First Sounds from Wayland Entertainment is proud to present, we lofi, your personal studio to listen to. Chill, Study, and Stream to our free beats, exclusively to you. Please Feel Free to use any of these beats for your Live Stream, YouTube videos, and any sort of content you'd like without the fear of a DMCA strike. The best way you can show your support is to subscribe to our supporter's page and live stream the music on the site of your choice. Happy listening and together welofi.

why we lofi?

Easy to find
& download.

Our music doesn't require a login or account to use! Just look on the front page of welofi and download right away!

For creators,
by a creator.

I work closely with artists all around the globe in search for fire tracks and beats to bring to your content! 


No queue, just instant downloads and Free live streaming access directly from our site! 

High quality

Believe it or not, all music is vetted and not all music makes it into the final album or setlist. I believe in quality over quantity. 

Unless labeled as a collaboration upload all rights belong to Wayland Entertainment doing business as we lofi or welofi respectively. Outside of individual publishing and releases, collaboration uploads withhold all rights belonging to their respective owners. In any scenario, If any owner of track/background used in this mix is not satisfied, contact us directly and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



As a Streamer, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur, I understand that sometimes it's difficult to get your hands on good quality music for content. I'm an ultra fan of Chill, lofi music and the goal here is to bring the vibes and good feelz to you.

I thought of the name "WE LOFI" because as a listener I always thought that these songs were being played in my work area and the two speakers I had transformed a boring place into a music-filled room, into, a Tiny Studio. As a Studio can be a place of art, work, music, or just a lounge to chill in.

I hope to translate that over and for others to feel the same way I do when listening to lofi. This is not to say that's all we'll make here at Wayland Entertainment I'm just saying like 99% will be lofi. I work with artists all around the world for music, artwork, covers, etc., and coming together to create WE Lofi.

Together we, Work, Game, Study, Live, Love, Chill, Listen, We lofi.

Feel free to use our free beats and chill on your own, either on stream or in your room, or wherever you want, because together We lofi.

Listen To WeLofi Studio On

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How do I get the music?

The Music is available on the main page for welofi as a download right away! No login required!

How do I credit the music on YouTube?

After you download the music you want to use from our page, simply copy our accreditation template into your Youtube video description and you're good to go!

If I use your music, can I monetize my videos or stream?

Yes, you must follow the accreditation template below the FAQ. Please keep in mind that this is limited use. That being said if you are trying to use this for music videos, commercials, or any media with the sole purpose of advertising or selling you would need to secure a paid license.

For Commercial Use Request here:

How do I credit the music on Twitch?

On Twitch, create a panel and use the accreditation template + image. The panel URL Link should go to

Is your music copyright/royalty-free?

YEP! I hold all the rights to the music! That being said the music is not royalty-free as if you are using it for commercial use it falls under royalties. WE allow creators, and streams to use the music as long as our music receives the mandatory credit. If that does not happen, I will be forced to make sure the appropriate action is taken : (...

Can I use the track or album artwork, welofi logos?

You sure can! Just make sure you follow the accreditation template.

Need Help Or Not Sure Where To Start?

I'd love to help you take your first steps moving forward with using the music! Just send an inquiry here: using or ask me during the live stream or Facebook group!


If you want to collaborate on a song or have welofi publish and post your song in a video you can do so by filling out the request form below. Typically a collaboration upload is where I either own some or non of the music and we upload a collection of lofi music and digital art made by the requesting artists. Please use the form below for all submissions including agency managers, and art : )

If your music is not signed under any trademark
You must own all copyrights to your music
If your track includes vocals, you must get approval from the vocalists
You can submit official and unofficial remixes

Accreditation Template

Music Provided By: welofi "Together welofi"

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#waylandentertainment #welofimusic #togetherwelofi

unlesss otherwise stated
©2022 Wayland Entertainment LLC


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Unless otherwise agreed upon, Any Variant(s) will result in a takedown.

Request & Submission Form

To submit a collaboration request or submission for more information or commercial rights please use this form below. 
This form is also used for general inquires for welofi. Please feel free to submit anything related to welofi.

Lets Socialize

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